Sirona Scanner

State-of-the-art technology is one of the major factors that make dental practice highly sought after. At Perfect Smiles Panama City, we ensure our patients are given the best service along with the use of some of the best dental equipment available. One such dental appliance that we use is the Sirona Scanner.

What is a Sirona Scanner?

A Sirona Scanner is a digital scanning appliance that is used by dentists to scan the teeth and other oral features of their patients. The images captured by the scanning tool can be relayed on to a computer screen in real-time. This allows both the dentist and patient to get a better view of the oral features in amazing detail. The best part about the Sirona Scanner is that the data obtained by it can be sent to a Computer-Aided Milling machine (CAM) which mills out the required ceramic restoration in a matter of a few minutes.

No more use of powder

The Sirona Scanner doesn’t require the use of powder, such as in the case of the conventional scanning technique. The device is so simple and comfortable to hold that scanning the entire oral cavity can be completed in under a minute. Also, the device is non-invasive as the imaging system isn’t harmful to human tissues.

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