Sedation Dentistry

Sedation plays a major role in certain dental treatment procedures. Whenever there is a need for a complicated procedure that could potentially give rise to pain, dentists use strong sedatives such as local anesthesia. Mild sedatives are used to ease the patients' nerves when they tend to get anxious during treatment procedures. At our dental practice, we only use the best quality sedatives that are tested safe for use. In fact, none of them would have any Ill-effects after use.

Types of sedatives in dentistry

Sedation by inhalation: This means of sedation is usually carried out when patients are too nervous during treatment procedures. We offer sedation in the form of a mild gas called Nitrous oxide, or simply known as laughing gas. Patients can inhale it through a comfortably fitting mask over their mouth and nose. It immediately starts to take effect and acts as a relaxant. In fact, even the most normal things may start to appear funny. It wears out on its own in a few hours and has no side effects.

Oral sedation:Sedatives can also be taken internally in the form of oral pills. The dentist would suggest the right dosage based on the procedure and the level of sedation required. The patient would go into a state of partial consciousness is a few minutes of taking the pills.

Intravenous sedation:This means of sedation is preferred in the case of complicated dental procedures, such as implant surgery, jawbone graft, etc. Sedatives are injected into the veins by means of an injection. It produces a deeper level of sedation in which the patient goes into a deep sleep and wouldn't have any memory of the procedure.

All means of sedation that we offer are absolutely tested safe and wouldn't have any sort of ill effects on patients. Moreover, we recommend sedation only if absolutely required.

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