Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning involves getting rid of the plaque and accumulated debris from the teeth. If the teeth aren’t cleaned regularly, the bacteria keep getting deposited on them. This could lead to the formation of plaque, a dark and sticky substance, on the teeth.

Plaque is one of the main causes of most dental infections and diseases. Hence, regular professional cleaning is recommended to maintain good oral health and to prevent gum diseases. 

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling is the process of removing the accumulated plaque from the surface of the teeth, while root planing is the removal of plaque from the surface of the roots. Though we clean our teeth regularly by brushing and flossing, it is highly difficult to get rid of all the microbes from our mouth. Hence, thorough cleaning by a dentist would be necessary to keep our teeth cleaner.

A dentist uses an ultrasonic scaling device to scrape out the tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth. When plaque isn’t removed regularly, it hardens over time and forms Tartar, which is much more difficult to get rid of. Scaling reduces the risk of developing gum diseases and helps to maintain overall oral health.

Root planing uses the same procedure as scaling, i.e scraping out the plaque and tartar using a scaling device, but it is performed on the root of a tooth. If the root surface is rough, microbes could easily get deposited on it. Hence, root planing also aims at smoothening out such rough surfaces. Along with this, the gum pockets are cleaned by getting rid of the accumulated food debris to keep the mouth healthier and the patient’s breath fresher.

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