Intraoral Camera

The advancement in the field of dentistry has brought a lot to the table. This has allowed dentists to get their hands on some of the most advanced equipment that helps them treat their patients better. One such dental equipment is the intraoral camera. Intraoral cameras are used to get a better view of the tissues of the mouth. When dentists find it difficult to view the inner or more remote parts of the mouth, an intraoral camera comes in handy.

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a simple, yet highly effective dental appliance. It is a wand-like hand-held device that has a tiny camera at its tip. The dentist inserts the camera tip in the mouth and the images from the device will be relayed on to a computer screen in real-time. Visual details such as cavities, tartar deposits, cracks, cysts, lesions, cancerous growth, etc. can be seen in detail using this device. In fact, an intraoral camera can be used to analyze the tissues of the larynx and pharynx as well.

Advantages of an intraoral camera

  • The camera produces visuals of very high quality. This allows dentists to get a better view of the oral features that they want to analyze.
  • The device is small and simple, making it easy for the dentist to use.
  • The images from the camera can be relayed on to the computer screen easily. This way, both the patient and dentist would be able to see the oral condition in an enlarged view.
  • Whenever the dentist senses an issue in the larynx or pharynx, it would be impossible to observe them directly without the help of any aid. An intraoral camera can be used for this purpose.

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