Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is an important mineral found in the teeth that helps to provide the required protection from microbes. It is known to make the teeth strong and keep them from developing cavities. The fluoride required by the body is obtained through drinking water and toothpaste we use to brush the teeth. But, when the adequate amount of fluoride isn't received by the body, the teeth tend to become weak and susceptible to cavities and excessive wear. In such cases, a fluoride treatment would be the best way to replenish the amount of fluoride in the teeth and make them strong.

Importance of fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatment is especially recommended for children as they tend to eat a lot of sugary foods. This makes their teeth more susceptible to cavities as the sugar content promotes the growth of microbes in the mouth. Hence, increasing the content of fluoride in the teeth artificially will make them stronger and provide better immunity from cavities. It is a preventive measure that ensures better oral health.

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