Digital X Rays

X-rays have been extremely useful in the field of dentistry for several years now. They allow dentists to get a better view of the underlying tissues and analyze them in a deeper measure. X-ray equipment in recent days has become less-invasive and safer than ever. At our dental practice Perfect Smiles, Panama City, we only use the most advanced x-ray equipment to provide our patients with the best treatment experience when they visit us.

Common uses of X-rays in dentistry

  • Detecting cracked or broken teeth.
  • Detecting cracks or fractures in the jawbone in the case of oral trauma.
  • Determining the presence of underlying cavities.
  • Detecting cysts, lesions, growth of cancerous cells, etc.
  • Checking for jawbone deterioration and shrinking of the bone structure.
  • Determining any underlying issues with the tooth roots.

Advanced technology at Perfect smiles Panama City

At our dental practice, we want to ensure our patients get the best quality dental treatment. Hence, we use x-ray equipment that produces radiation that is the least invasive towards human tissues compared to any other X-ray devices. The intensity of the radiation is reduced by up to 90% compared to the other devices, making it highly safe for use on individuals of all age groups. Despite this, the visual detail that the x-ray image produces is clearer than most others. Moreover, we ask our patients to go for x-rays only if it is absolutely necessary.

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