Computerized Anesthesia

Anesthesia has been used in the field of dentistry for several years now. It is especially helpful in the case of procedures that are complicated or involve pain, such as implant surgery, bone graft, tooth extraction, etc. But, most patients fear the use of needles while administering anesthesia, which can make them anxious during the treatment.

To counter this disadvantage, dental technology has come up with an advanced means of sedation that is more effective and less invasive. It is called anesthesia.

What is computerized anesthesia?

It is a means of delivering anesthesia in a pain-free and more effective way. In this system, there is no use of a syringe to administer the sedative, such as in the case of conventional anesthesia. The best part about computerized anesthesia is that it starts to take effect much quicker. After the effect of the sedative wears off, you wouldn’t feel any numbness in the lips, gums or other soft tissues near the oral cavity.

How does computerized anesthesia work?

The system consists of a microprocessor that ensures a steady flow of the sedative into the patient’s system in a predetermined quantity. This is the main reason why it can be conducted in a pain-free way. The tissues receive just the right amount of anesthesia to keep them free from any sensation. It makes our treatment procedures more comfortable and pleasant for patients.

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